CNN Asks Its Focus Group Who Won the Final Debate… Then INSTANTLY Regrets It

The Clinton News Network, also known as “CNN” has relentlessly pushed their gal Hillary, while slamming Trump, all year long. This has included running ridiculously skewed polls as if they were real.

But after the final presidential debate, CNN made the mistake of believing their own spin…and it backfired immediately.

First the network posted their latest absurd poll on who won the third debate, which included only 547 “voters” and sampled 58% Democrats and only 42% Republicans and Independents (combined!).


So they sampled 16% more Democrats than other voters, and yet Hillary “won” by just 11%. Ridiculous lie right to millions of Americans right there.

But then the smarmy Randy Kaye was filled with such confidence over the fake poll that she went right to her studio focus group of “undecided voters” — apparently certain that they would back up the poll.

She couldn’t have been more wrong, as she soon found out…


OUCH! 10 to 5 for Trump!

A staffer at CNN is no doubt sending resumes out as we speak for not coaching them first (or just using Clinton Foundation employees to pose as undecideds).

Every so often the outrageous media lies about this election are exposed, and remind us that this election is FAR from over.

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